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Since the cancellation of Sports Illustrated for Women in 2002, general national coverage of women's sports depends once again on Sports Illustrated Magazine, historically known for ignoring women's sports.

Most issues of SI are simply not worth buying due to their lack of women's sports coverage. However, when SI is good, it is very very good, so WSPW provides this guide to help you decide when to head over to the newsstand to purchase a copy.

Issue of Sept. 20, 2010 (US Edition) Score = 3.0

NFL Week One. Don't hold your breath.

Cover: $72 million QB Tom Brady. 0.0

Features: NFL Opening Week, Terrelle Pryor, the US Open, Ty Cobb, and a golf tab insert. Speaking of which, let's just call it the PGA Update, there is nothing about the LPGA in there at all, save for the Michelob ad. 0.0

Departments: In scorecard, a brief with picture about Brianna Scurry retiring. Brittany Lincicome in the Pop Culture Grid. Three preps in Faces brought to you by Max Preps. 5.0

Photos: Scurry's 1-col shot and the mugshots in the Departments. 5.0

Ads: Two pages of Natalie Gulbis, brought to you by Michelob (R). 5.0

Overall coverage of women's sports: This had average (for SI) women's sports content, but omitting US Open women's coverage and any mention of LPGA in a 22 page pro golf tab is annoying. 3.0

Issue of Sept. 6, 2010 (US Edition) Score = 0.5

This is a Double Issue NFL Preview. Not holding my hopes up..

Cover: Depending on your region, you got the Jets, Packers, Saints or perennial first round playoff washouts San Diego Chargers. 0.0

Features: Previews of NFL teams, by division. No women. 0.0

Departments: In scorecard, heartwarming stories about Carol Mann, who won 38 LPGA titles in the 60s and 70s, having to shut down her Facebook page after posting her opinion against the WTC mosque. And a note that Erica Blasberg's death was ruled a suicide. Katie Douglas and Christina Kim in the Pop Culture Grid. Three high schoolers in Faces. All this would have fit on one page with room for extra ads. Score= 3.0

Photos: Nothing other than the mugshots in the Departments. 0.5

Overall coverage of women's sports: Well to be honest this is the NFL Preview Issue. Baseball, golf etc were also omitted. Get this issue if you want a bunch of absolutely wrong NFL predictions otherwise don't waste your time. 0.5

Issue of Aug 30, 2010 (US Edition) Score = 0.5

The issue covered the MLB stretch run. Not much room for women's sports with NFL starting.

Cover: Joey Votto / Reds. 0.0

Features: Baseball contenders and Joey Votto. Kevin Kolb, Ryan Lochte, Joe Pasternack. No women. 0.0

Photos: Well, there was a screenshot of a past Michelle Kwan article in the Letters to the Editor. A couple Faces in the Crowd. But otherwise, this issue was all fellas, fellas. 0.5

Overall coverage of women's sports: What women's sports? Honestly, SI is not worth reading this time of year. 0.5

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