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Scorps snuff out New Mexico's flame

women's tackle football - (c) PHOTOSPORT
Aisha Ruffo puts it up while Desiree Weimann blocks.

Paul Martinez / WSPW.COM

By Jody Taylor

LA JOLLA- As the Scorpions took the field under new Head Coach, Ray Peterson Jr., they knew their season was all on the line. Lose, and they are inched out by New York's Empire State Roar for the wildcard slot. Win and the are in.

Not only did they win, they crushed the opposing New Mexico Burn 70-7.

They came with a mission, and it didn’t hurt to have No. 56 from the Chargers, Shawn Merriman, on the sideline rooting on the team. San Diego football was in the house, as defensive end Crystal "Brolik" Stokes even gave her tribute to Charger Steve Foley when she reached the end zone after an interception scoop.

“These women are ready to fight” stated team owner, Ann Bagala. “For the teams we are looking at for playoffs, they are all solid; this season is going to be the best playoff football yet for the WPFL,” added Bagala.

The Scorpions now have to wait for the outcome of the New England Connecticut game this Saturday to find out if they will host the game or be going to New England or Dallas for the first round on October 7th.

For more information, visit the team website at or call 877-71-STING.

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