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Trish Fallon Photo (c) Most WNBA fans already knew the name Trisha Fallon and were surprised when she showed up at the 1999 US Olympic Cup in the skintight Australian uniform instead of the baggy American one.

It turns out that Fallon is but one of numerous Aussie players infiltrating the American pro women's league. First Minnesota Lynx took notice of her play and drafted her in 1999, and now she is with the Phoenix Mercury with at least three other Australians.

Fallon has also played in Germany and Italy, where her team Familia Schio won the 1999 Italian Cup. She averaged 13.4 points per game season-long. Prior to that, she helped the Sydney Flames take the WNBL championship in 1993 and in 1997, and was voted MVP in 1997.

Trisha will sit out the 2000 WNBA season as she fulfills her commitment to the Australian National Team, which she has been on since 1991.

Trisha Fallon Photo (c)

Trish Fallon looks for a rebound against the United States at the Olympic Cup, San Diego, September 1999


Trisha's Stats (thru 1999 season)
International Matches 153


Birthdate July 23, 1972
Birthplace Albury, NSW, Australia
Height 6' 3" (190cm)
Weight 163lbs. (74kg)


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